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I was born 1980 in Mechelen, Belgium and grew up near the Flemish city of Ghent. I studied Graphic Arts at the "Hogeschool Gent" and graduated as a „master of fine arts“. After graduation I was working as an art teacher in Belgium until I moved to Germany 2005. Till 2008 I worked as a graphic designer for EPURON GmbH in Hamburg. Today I live in France, Toulouse, where I work as an independent graphic designer / artist.

Awards and Art projects

- 1st price 'Royal Library of Belgium', Department 'Chalcografie'

- 1st Price for the design of the 'STU BRU Award' - International Film Festival Ghent
- Participation on 'The 3rd international student triennial' at the Marmara University, Istanbul
- Participation at the exhibition 'Out Of Control' in Brussels (VUB)

- Participation in the art project 'JOMOS' / Werchter Festival (www.jomos.be - project by Vladimir Ivaneanu)

- Individual exhibition at the classical music festivals 'TON:arten' in Sasbachwalden, Germany